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Jusoor Alumni,
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About the Community

Scholars and Alumni gathering in Waterloo, October 2022

Welcome to the global community of inspirational Jusoor scholars and alumni! Our community’s main goal is to develop and preserve strong connections between all of Jusoor’s stakeholders by providing a sense of belonging, a professional network and a supportive environment.


Jusoor employs different initiatives to keep our scholars and alumni connected with each other and our broader community. We host online and in-person regional events as well as an online Annual Meeting that brings together Jusoor scholars, alumni, staff, board members and trustees to celebrate new graduates, welcome new scholars and discuss important program updates.

Some of our most recent regional events in 2022 include a picnic in Central Park with our alumni based in the New York area as well as a Community Engagement and Networking workshop followed by dinner in Waterloo, Canada for our Jusoor-ISOW scholars and alumni at Wilfrid Laurier University. We also included alumni based in Istanbul in a full day of workshops in June 2022; this was an opportunity for alumni to contribute to strategic thinking about our program design.

In 2022, we also began releasing quarterly newsletters to showcase our alumni and new scholars, provide updates on Jusoor’s programs and inform our community about opportunities. Moreover, our LinkedIn Group for scholars and alumni is a way for them to communicate, learn about educational and employment opportunities and network.

In 2023, Jusoor will begin offering professional development webinars for our scholars and alumni: stay tuned for more information soon!

Giving Back

Alumni can give back and get involved by volunteering for Jusoor’s Mentorship Program to mentor Syrian students who need support in applying to universities and scholarships. Alumni can also choose to mentor a new Jusoor scholar, to help them adjust to new academic and/or cultural environments or to provide post-graduation and professional advice. We strongly encourage alumni to provide internships through their workplace and connections or training and volunteer opportunities to other Jusoor alumni and scholars where possible.

Alumni are also encouraged to give back to Jusoor financially within their means. For example, to become a monthly donor for the price of a cup of coffee, alumni can subscribe to Jusoor’s monthly donation plan.

As a Jusoor stakeholder, we encourage you to advocate for Jusoor's mission and support its outreach to academic institutes and other networks.

More on how to engage with Jusoor in the "Community Engagement" tab.

Proud of You

We are proud of our scholars and alumni who have been great examples of success all over the world.

Want to share your success story? Email us!

Community Updates

We would love to celebrate you, Jusoor Alumni community, with all your achievements, updates, community engagement, and your life worthy news. If you have anything you would like us to know and showcase, email us!

Latest Community Updates

Upcoming Events

There are no scheduled events at the moment

Stay in the loop

  • We have setup a LinkedIn community group to share and discuss various topics.
  • We send quarterly newsletter to keep you in the loop with our upcoming events, announcements and community updates.
Contact us for details on how to join the group and newsletter

Scholarship Advisory Board

The Scholarship Advisory Board (SAB) is composed of Jusoor Board Members, the Executive Director, the Head of Scholarships,, the Scholar and Alumni Engagement Coordinator, a current scholar, and an alum.

Mandate of the SAB

  • Provide strategic advice to Jusoor’s Scholarship Program.
  • Advise Jusoor’s Scholarship Program on the development of best practices to promote the engagement of scholars and alumni in matters that relate to the improvement of the organization’s strategy.
  • Support the expansion of Jusoor’s Scholarship Program activities and projects by facilitation partnerships when needed.
  • Represent and facilitate scholars/ alumni input.
  • Provide feedback for activities, plans and projects to ensure innovation is well integrated in the implementation of all Jusoor’s Scholarships and Alumni Engagement activities.
  • Support the planning, organizing, and hosting of engagement events.
  • Potentially join selection committees for future scholarships.

Selection criteria for scholar and alumni representatives

  • Demonstrable involvement with the Jusoor community and an ability to create a network with other scholars to discuss and identify key matters relevant to alumni/ scholars.
  • Individuals who are able to represent the diversity of alumni/ scholars.
  • Capable of basic communication in English.


  • Commitment to the SAB for the Alumni Representative is a two-year term.
  • Commitment to the SAB for the Scholar Representative is a one-year term.
  • Representatives are required to attend two 90-minute meetings per year plus occasional events and additional meetings.
  • Scholars and alumni who have already served one term cannot be re-elected and a scholar representative cannot become an alumni representative.
Jusoor Alumni Representative Zeina Abdulsamad
Zeina Abdulsamad
Alumni Representative
Jusoor Scholars Representative Hayat Mansour
Hayat Mansour
Scholars Representative

Community Engagement

Be an agent of change

As a Jusoor Alumni, you have our continuous support. We would also love for you to contribute back to aspiring Syrian children and youth.
Below you can find the different ways you can contribute to get involved.

Contact Us

If you have a question, a suggestion or a request for information, reach out and we’ll be happy to help!

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