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Thank you for your interest in volunteering with Jusoor's Career Mentorship Project to contribute your valuable time and skills by helping Syrian youth with their job search process.

Jusoor’s Career Development Program is excited to announce the launch of the Career Mentorship Project. Titled "A Step Into Your Future," this initiative is designed to help Syrian students and graduates who need assistance with their careers and are looking for additional information on career options and job search processes.

By the end of the mentorship sessions, mentees are expected to:

  • Develop their big four (Writing and reviewing their resume, preparing a LinkedIn profile, building a portfolio, along with  a one-minute personal pitch)
  • Set their job application on track (Professional Email writing, writing and reviewing their cover letters)
  • Build their Network (networking and PR)
  • Apply for jobs (build a job application tracker, and practice interviews)

Mentees are expected to meet with their mentor two times per month for three months (March–May) on a platform of their choice, in addition to consistent communication on WhatsApp or email.

The first cohort begins on March 4, 2023, and we will keep updating this page as new cohorts are added.

More details about the program can be found in the form below. 

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What is the program's structure?

Mentors and mentees collaborate over the course of three months online. During this period there will be a total of 14 sessions, divided as follow: 5 sessions of mentoring, which is a one-hour session where mentors review the mentee’s work and give feedback. 4 pairing sessions, where two mentees, with the same interests, act as accountability partners for each other, help each other and work on pre-set topics and exercises. 5 group sessions, where we can discuss general topics.

What is my role as a mentor?

Be willing to mentor a group of mentees for three months and go through the whole process of applying for a job with the mentees.
Meet with the group of mentees at least 2 times a month by video conference or any other way/ platform of their choice.
Maintain focus on building soft skills needed during the job search phase and support your mentee through the application process. Give and receive feedback, as needed.

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