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Program Update
November 9, 2022

Jusoor Scholarship Annual Meeting 2022

Jusoor Scholarship Annual Meeting Zoom Screenshot

This year, on October 9, the second Jusoor Scholarship Annual Meeting was held, giving our scholars, alumni, board members, and trustees a chance to connect and share ideas.

The Jusoor Scholarship Annual Meeting aims to connect our alumni and scholars with each other as well as Jusoor board members and trustees. This meeting is one of a series of actions we are taking to strengthen ties among our stakeholders. It is a chance for scholars and alumni to keep in touch and learn from one another even after they have completed their academic experience with Jusoor. It also gives scholars and graduates a place to talk about their thoughts and ideas.

At the event, we met 22 new scholars who are in different stages of their education, from getting their International Baccalaureate diplomas to getting their bachelor's and master's degrees at top schools in the UK, Spain, Canada, Lebanon, and the US. Our inspiring new scholars learned about Jusoor's early history and the impact of the scholarship program from our board members and trustees. They talked about how the organization started and what their hopes are for the future.

We also celebrated the graduation of students from universities in five countries (Jordan, Lebanon, Germany, the UK, and Türkiye) and an international high school scholar. Our graduates have earned degrees in a wide range of subjects, including electrical engineering, civil engineering, pharmacy, public policy, education, and health sciences. We were very moved by the academic achievements of our graduates, which they shared in different rooms with our scholars, board members, and trustees.

In breakout rooms, participants launched thoughtful discussions regarding our scholarship program and how we may further help our community. Our scholars and graduates also discussed their goals and future plans for how they want to help Syria, as evidenced by the fact that the majority of them are already involved in international and local groups that help Syrians and refugees in their areas. Additionally, we were able to hear from the scholars and alumni about how Jusoor could possibly help the community advance in their careers.

“It’s our role to focus on our education, our humanity, and Jusoor’s association.”
Hayat Mansour

As one of the most important organizations helping Syrian students, we want to find out how to help our graduates in all aspects of their academic and professional lives even more. We think that keeping a strong link between our scholars, alumni, board members, trustees, and staff fosters a sense of pride and belonging among our students worldwide. We also think that expanding Jusoor's network will give our new scholars a place to share ideas, talk about possible careers, and get mentorship and advice.

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