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High School Scholarship
Aug 2023

Christa Maghamez

My name is Christa, and I’m from Aleppo, Syria. I love playing the piano, swimming, and reading. I’ve always been ambitious to seek a better education. Therefore, getting into UWC is a huge opportunity for me to expand my knowledge since I will study the IB Program and experience new and creative activities. I spend my free time playing the piano, I have been playing the piano for 9 years. Music is my passion and I can’t wait to share Syrian music with people from around the world. I enjoy writing articles and reading books. I also volunteer to translate videos and teach children English. I’m so excited to begin my journey UWC Adriatic in 2023, to meet students from different cultures and introduce them to my Syrian rich culture, to study the IB program, and to choose my desired major in the future. I hope to represent my country in the best way through education.
Academic Institution
United World Colleges UWC Adriatic
Field of Study
International Baccalaureate Diploma

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Christa Maghamez
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