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Master's Degree
Aug 2018

Ghaith Alharki

I am an engaged and highly motivated professional public relations manager, editor, translator, and researcher with 7+ years of experience occupying various roles and capacities with public relations agencies, humanitarian organizations, governmental agencies, and research centers. I deliver services to clients in Qatar and the region and assist with providing top-notch services in managing communications and public relations teams, strategizing, and implementing in a highly competitive market. I am a published researcher in reconstruction, and I have worked with Action Against Hunger in a highly stressful context and multicultural workspace. I've also worked as a communications consultant with the Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy in Qatar, and was granted an official appreciation certificate for excellence. As senior PR manager at Doha, I delivered editorial consultancy services as well. I have a diverse academic background, majoring in English Language and Literature with an MSc in Conflict Management and Humanitarian Studies.
Academic Institution
Doha Institute
Field of Study
Conflict Management and Humanitarian Action

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Ghaith Alharki
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