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Organization Update
February 11, 2023

Türkiye and Syria Emergency Earthquake Relief Campaign - (Re)Building Hopes

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The events of this week have been truly heartbreaking. The devastating impact of the earthquakes in Türkiye has resulted in a death toll of over 22,000 by 10 February and is expected to continue sharply rising. The first earthquake, registering a magnitude of 7.8, is one of the strongest and deadliest earthquakes to hit the region in 100 years, followed by a secondary earthquake of 7.5 magnitude hours later.

Homes, hospitals, schools, and essential infrastructure have been destroyed leaving thousands of survivors at risk of dying from the freezing temperatures.  

As an NGO with strong ties and networks throughout the region, Jusoor is partnering with the Karam Foundation to act quickly and provide life-saving cash assistance to Syrian families affected by the earthquakes. Whilst continuing to support our scholars at Jusoor, we recognize the immense need given this catastrophe. Whether studying on the ground or at universities overseas, these individuals are making tremendous sacrifices in the pursuit of quality education which will improve the circumstances of their whole family. With their families in desperate need right now, there is a real risk that this progress will be wasted.

We aim to support 100 families with cash assistance for three months as well as provide 500 food baskets. Our initial target is $50,000. Help us save lives by donating to this campaign where your money will go directly to those in need in Southern Türkiye. What’s more, any money you give will be matched either by Jusoor’s or Karam’s generous matching donors meaning your impact is doubled.

The situation in Türkiye and Syria is dire, and the need for immediate assistance is urgent. Every moment counts in the race against time to save the lives of those affected by this tragedy. Act now to provide life-saving assistance to families and keep youth in education.

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Update. February 16, 2023

With the incredible support of our Jusoor community, we have now surpassed our initial goal of $50,000 and doubled it to $100,000 with the help of our generous matching donors Amr Salahieh & Laïla Munif. A massive thank you to all for your support!

Given the ongoing need, we have now increased our fundraising goal to $75,000 to support 50 further Syrian families and provide 250 additional food baskets. All of your donation will be matched and doubled!

Let's continue to make a difference and provide urgent assistance. Donate now.

Update. February 22, 2023

Today, we have an extra opportunity to raise even more much needed support. We aim to guarantee an additional $100,000 is delivered to families in Reyhanlı and surrounding areas, right on the Syrian border, just over 60 miles from Aleppo. By giving to Jusoor, all supporters can rest assured that 100% of the funds are transferred directly to our partner Karam Foundation who is operating in the Turkish border town. This $100,000 will cover 50 families’ rent over three months, guaranteeing them safe and secure housing, as well as thermal blankets, food and water.

Thanks to another wonderful Jusoor matching donor, every dollar, pound, euro or dirham donated will be doubled! Thank you to all our supporters so far and thank you for all our supporters still to come. You are making an enormous impact on the lives of so many in such extremely challenging circumstances.

We are almost there! $30,000 to go. Help us close our $250,000 goal.

Update. March 2, 2023

Images of the relief activities happening on the ground provided by Karam Foundation

We are extremely pleased to now inform you of the successful completion of (Re)building Hopes - Jusoor’s earthquake relief emergency campaign in Southern Türkiye. 

Thanks to so many of you we have been able to raise $250,000 for 200 Syrian families and thousands more in Reyhanlı and surrounding areas. Emergency cash support as well as rental assistance is being provided for three months, ensuring safe and secure housing. Housing kits including pillows, thermal blankets and foam mattresses, and well over 1,250 food baskets and water provisions have all been distributed too. 

The tragic earthquakes and their shocking aftermath will never be forgotten, with loved ones lost, homes destroyed and livelihoods devastated. With this support, through our partner on the ground Karam Foundation, we have been able to at least provide for those in need during this extraordinarily difficult time. We hope our response has allowed individuals, families and communities to begin to feel some optimism, knowing a considerable helping hand is available from the Jusoor community worldwide

Thank you very much to all our supporters to the campaign, including our wonderful Jusoor matching donors as well as 15 brilliant community members who set up fundraising pages. It is a truly remarkable show of solidarity and we are incredibly grateful.

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