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Program Update
August 28, 2022

Meet Jusoor's New Scholars 2022

Headshots of jusoor's new scholars

Nothing brings us more joy than welcoming new scholars to our growing community! Exciting adventures are about to start in 2022 where our students will study in international academic institutions in Canada, USA, Spain, India and around the world. From Physics and Anthropology to Conflict Response and Development Studies, our scholars will embark on the journey they’ve been dreaming of.

Meet some of our international scholars below.

Sara Aljaafari - Biotechnology and Biochemistry (Bachelor’s) at Wilfrid Laurier University

Judi Aldalati - Applied Politics (Master’s) at Wilfrid Laurier University

Heba Hamzeh - International Public Policy (Master’s) at Wilfrid Laurier University

Samar Moussa - Modeling for Science and Engineering (Master’s) at Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (Spain)

Sidra Raslan  - Bioinformatics (Master’s) at Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

Subhi Abo Rdan - Physics (Bachelor’s) - Massachusetts Institute of Technology (USA- no partnership)

Nour Albrzawi - Anthropology and Development (Master’s) - London School of Economics and Political Science

Allaith Saleh - Political Science and Chemistry (Bachelor’s) - Salve Regina University

Nour Khayou -  (International Baccalaureate Diploma) - Mahindra United World College

Hussain Bu Subayt -  (International Baccalaureate Diploma) - United World College East Africa

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