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August 27, 2022

Samar Moussa: Curious. Ambitious. Determined.

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When we asked Samar to tell us a bit about herself, she answered with no hesitation. “I am a curious person who enjoys being around people who are doing something meaningful.” Samar shares that what keeps her moving forward is her urge to keep adding value to everyone around her.

As a person who’s fascinated by the concept of logic, Samar chose informatics engineering as her major of study and went on to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Tishreen University in Lattakia, Syria. Despite the university being in a different city, Samar had no choice but to enrol in Tishreen, especially after major security breaches took place in her hometown, Banias, where she lived with her family. “Between 2011 and 2016, things were not okay. I had to go to Tishreen University despite it not being my preferable choice. I wanted to study in Damascus because I knew studying informatics there was the best, but it was not an option for me due to the security situation in the country.”

After starting her bachelor’s degree, Samar became fascinated by the field. She started pinpointing the aspects she enjoys best, and discovered that both programming and project management resonated deeply with her personality. “Communicating and explaining the technical background of a project to someone who knows nothing about it is always a pleasant challenge for me. Making people imagine the ideas they want to bring to life before making it happen is such a fun activity.”

Samar wanted to do something unique. She didn’t want to follow the footsteps of everyone around her. After plenty of research, the Jusoor scholar realized that there is a profession that joins her technical skills alongside her tendency to be around people and adding value, which is Modeling for Science and Engineering, with a specialization in Data Science. This field helps people imagine their tech projects before it becomes a reality, and as a result, drives correct decision making. After being awarded the Jusoor scholarship, Samar will finally be able to make her dream a reality. She will be pursuing her master’s degree in Modeling for Science and Engineering, the first of its kind in the Jusoor scholarship community, in the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona in Spain.

In a way, Samar views Jusoor as a clear representation of what she wants to achieve in her life. Helping people and supporting them in their pursuits is Samar’s dream. “Jusoor supported me and bridged the gap between me and my dream, and this is exactly what I want to be doing in the future.”

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