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Organization Update
May 31, 2023

Jusoor's 2022 Annual Report Highlights

A testament to the power of dreams and the ability to create a brighter future.
A mockup image of Jusoor’s 2022 Annual Report Book

We are thrilled to announce the release of Jusoor's 2022 Annual Report! This comprehensive report highlights the incredible work and achievements that took place this year toward our mission. It provides an in-depth look at the impact of our programs, shares inspiring stories of our community members, gives a heartful appreciation to our donors, and showcases our commitment to transparency through financial reports.

Highlights of 2022

The annual report delves into the key milestones and highlights of 2022. It showcases the growth and expansion of our programs, their impact on the lives of Syrian youth, and the partnerships that have been formed to further our mission.

The report presents a detailed overview of our programs, highlighting their impact and updates. For example, the Refugee Education Program has grown more than ever; we celebrated opening three more schools, extending our reach to over 2,500 Syrian and vulnerable Lebanese children. In the Scholarship Program, we launched our High School Scholarship project, which provided education to over 160 Syrian high school students. And we also welcomed 23 scholars pursuing their education in academic institutions worldwide. Finally, through the Entrepreneurship Program, we have nurtured innovative startups and provided aspiring Syrian and Lebanese entrepreneurs the resources they need to succeed during our Agriculture Accelerator project.

Stories that Inspire Us Every Day

As you read the report, you will find a collection of extraordinary stories that exemplify Syrian youth’s resilience, determination, and talent of Syrian youth. These narratives showcase the incredible journeys of individuals who have overcome challenges and embraced opportunities, embodying the spirit of transformation and empowerment.

Financial Transparency

Jusoor is committed to transparency and accountability. The Annual Report includes comprehensive financial reports and data, offering a transparent overview of our financial management and resource allocation. By sharing this information, we aim to build trust and demonstrate our commitment to responsible stewardship.

Jusoor’s 2022 Annual Report showcases the remarkable progress made in 2022 and highlights the transformative stories that exemplify the impact of our work. We invite you to explore the report and join us in celebrating the collective efforts that are shaping a brighter future for Syria’s talented children and youth.

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