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Bachelor's Degree
Aug 2020

Tariq Aleid

I am Tarek Marwan Al-Eid, I’m from Syria and I live in Azraq Camp for Syrian refugees in Jordan, I’m studying Civil Engineering at Zarqa Private University, I will graduate from my university in February 2023. During the past period, I worked extremely hard to develop my skills along with my studies at the university, I took many courses that supported my specialization, and I gained some experiences in different fields such as Designing Reinforced Concrete, and Designing Multi-Store Facilities using engineering programs. I have very good analytical and computer skills in engineering courses. I was active in developing my skills. For graduation, I worked on a distinguished construction project that involved the design of various buildings using manual calculations, and comparing them with ETABS software, which was a good practical project. In addition, I underwent training in an engineering company, and during my studies at the university, I participated with my doctors in many research including Artificial Intelligence in Civil Engineering, Wastewater Treatment, Traffic Signal Design and Airport Design, Civil Engineering gave me a real experience about life. I spend my weekends working for a non-profit organization. I also enjoy watching football and playing video games
Academic Institution
Al Zarqa University
Field of Study
Civil Engineering

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Tariq Aleid
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