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Bachelor's Degree
Aug 2022

Sara Aljaafari

My passion for technology and business can be traced back to my pre-university days. Whether by exploring and reading about the business environment or by self-learning programming languages. My academic path toward both fields has been molded by my experiences, leading me to choose Data Science - the major combining my interests: computer science, data analysis, and entrepreneurship. Out of school, I have gained knowledge, skills, and values through my active participation in extracurricular activities. I have spent time volunteering for a number of community service projects. These have varied from tutoring refugee children to helping in several community building projects, as well as other initiatives aimed at helping low-income families and those affected by Beirut's port explosion. I was also able to further develop my management, sales, and marketing skills through volunteering at an organic products store, managing a donation center, and working as a cashier and lounge manager.
Academic Institution
Wilfrid Laurier University
Field of Study
Data Science

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Sara Aljaafari
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