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Bachelor's Degree
Aug 2023

Mohamad Ragheb Abdin

From Aleppo, Syria To Harvard! I believe that whatever I write, it won't be as expressive as that sentence. 13 years of conflict, which obligated me to relocate from my home, have always made me search for a place where my interests can be nurtured. My yearning to do something important for my community and the world has never stopped. I began my bachelor's journey in 2023 at Harvard to study Computer Science and do much research in that field trying to add something new. Also, I aspire to return the favor to the Jusoor community which made me so happy to be part of it. Also, I am obsessed with robotics. During high school, I spent long hours in my school's robotics lab. Constantly, I prepare to take place in all possible robotics competitions. However, Robotics was limited to participation in schools. For that reason, I created the first-ever non-school robotics club in Aleppo, and my club was not only limited to robotics. I extended the training academic areas to include Arduino, scratch, coding, and mental arithmetic. And while building the club, I was able to recruit more than one hundred and fifty students and five coaches. Most importantly, I partnered with a local NGO to provide new kits and distribute handouts for free. In two years, I was able to recruit more than one hundred and fifty students and five coaches.
Academic Institution
Harvard University
Field of Study
Computer Science

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Mohamad Ragheb Abdin
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