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Master's Degree
Aug 2022

Aveen Hussein

Aveen Hussein received her education at the University of Aleppo, She holds a bachelor’s in English Literature and Humanities, and she was a devoted teacher, and spent several years teaching English in different schools in Syria. She was so passionate about her career. Helping students acquire new skills and improve their English was always a great joy for her. A new passion rose when she began to help women and girls during the Syrian conflict, Working in the humanitarian field she was able to support survivors of GBV to gain control over their lives and to gain strength to move on. This new path became her ultimate endeavor. Her MA journey began in WOMEN, VIOLENCE, and CONFLICT at York University in the UK, after being awarded a CHEVENING-JUSOOR joint scholarship. Through this scholarship, she will be able to continue her commitment to women’s protection and empowerment.
Academic Institution
University of York
United Kingdom
Field of Study
Women, Violence, and Conflict

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Aveen Hussein
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