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Bachelor's Degree
Aug 2023

Fayez Farouj

As a proud recipient of the Vantage One Excellence Award from The University of British Columbia in 2023, I am deeply committed to achieving academic excellence trying to find a connection between chemistry, neurobiology, and computer science. The university's exceptional resources and state-of-the-art laboratories will greatly assist me in achieving my goals. Beyond academia, I find peace in my musical endeavors as a singer and skilled Oud player. Guided by my desire to make a difference, I have volunteered with the United Nations Development Program - UNDP, in a project that aims to spread peace throughout conflict-torn Syria using the power of music. Moreover, UBC, being the most international university in North America, is an invaluable opportunity for me to represent my background, immerse myself in different cultures, and strengthen my networks. By embracing the diverse perspectives and experiences that UBC offers, I am confident that I will grow as an individual contribute to creating a more interconnected world, and, most importantly, give back to my Syrian community.
Academic Institution
University of British Columbia
Field of Study
Computer Science and Chemistry

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Fayez Farouj
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