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Unemployment is a longstanding and increasingly urgent challenge in the MENA region, with rates higher than any other region, especially among youth. In Lebanon alone, youth unemployment (ages 15-24) was measured at 47.8% in 2022, partly due to gaps in training and career opportunities, in addition to systemic barriers for refugees. Several initiatives have since emerged to provide jobs for displaced young people; however, most opportunities are either in traditional vocational sectors, technology-focused, or presume relocation abroad. Accordingly, there is a dearth of non-tech career options for refugee youth who wish to stay with their families and communities; two trends that also tend to disadvantage talented young women. 

In 2023-2024, Jusoor conducted a feasibility study, ‘Innovation for Inclusion: Remote Work Solutions for Refugee Talent in MENA’, which revealed key gaps in the labor market. Among them is the need in the Western labor market for talent in administration, research, and social media / digital marketing. 

Our Intervention

The primary goal of The Aya Project is to recruit and remotely connect refugee talent with professionals, companies, and organizations looking to hire top-quality employees who are bilingual, affordable, and tech-savvy. Jusoor will facilitate successful hires by offering comprehensive training for incoming employees as well as guidance for employers on remote management practices. This ensures quality control and fosters successful, mutually beneficial partnerships.

For Employers

What Can You Expect to Gain?

  1. Qualified and Specialized Talent: Access a pool of skilled, bilingual refugee youth. Employers may also request specific skills that Jusoor can train talent in prior to their joining your team. 
  2. Flexibility and Support: Receive logistical support in onboarding, managing, and compensating remote talent. You will also have the flexibility to specify desired working hours based on your time zone. 
  3. Quality Control & Assurance: Benefit from ongoing quality control and support to ensure the efficiency and success of your partnership with remote employees.

Who Can Hire? 

  1. Business Executives & Startups: Employers seeking to hire various non-tech roles, in administration, research, graphic design, social media management, and digital marketing, are welcome.
  2. Academics & Researchers: Academics seeking remote assistance with research or administrative duties can utilize The Aya Project to find suitable candidates.
  3. Non-Profit Organizations: Growing businesses and organizations looking to expand their teams remotely can find suitable talent through our project.

Both individual and company employers are eligible. 

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Discover the Talent Pool

For Refugee Talent

What to Expect 

  1. Comprehensive Training: Receive tailored and intensive technical training to enhance specific skills or learn platforms required by employers. Enhance your soft skills for remote work, including time management, communication, and professionalism.
  2. Ongoing Mentorship: Access guidance and support throughout your journey to improve your employability and thrive in the dynamic remote industry.
  3. Remote Flexible Work Opportunity: Connection to interested employers in the private sector, academia, and non-profit spheres who offer flexible, remote, and decent work where you can contribute to global impact, earn a fair income, and build your career from the comfort of your own space.

Who Can Apply?

  1. Refugee Youth in the Middle East: Eligible candidates are talented Syrian and Palestinian refugees aged 18-30 based in the Middle East.
  2. University Students or Graduates: Ideal candidates should possess fundamental working skills, have intermediate to advanced English language proficiency, and the ability to work full-time.
  3. Capacity to Learn:: Jusoor welcomes applicants from diverse academic backgrounds. We recognize that specific majors are not essential for all these positions; instead, we value a positive attitude, eagerness, ability to learn quickly, hard work, and reliability.
  4. Growth Mindset: Individuals with a growth mindset suited for adapting to new challenges and opportunities are encouraged to apply.

Work Experience: Candidates with access to the Internet, prior work experience, and especially prior remote work experience are preferred.

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