Remote Work Solutions for Refugees in MENA

The 'Innovation for Inclusion' is a study that explores the feasibility of remote work for refugees, opening new pathways to bridge the talent-opportunity gap and new income streams.

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The MENA region faces significant unemployment challenges, particularly among youth and Syrian refugees, due to legal and social barriers. Humanitarian efforts often fail to create substantial job opportunities, with a focus on tech roles, leaving non-tech professionals, especially female refugee youth, with few options. Remote work emerges as a promising solution, offering flexibility and accessibility, overcoming traditional employment hurdles. This study explores the feasibility of remote work for refugees, aiming to empower them and bridge the talent-opportunity gap.

Publishing Date: June 2024
Language: English
Innovation for inclusion

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face difficulties finding suitable opportunities despite utilizing specialized platforms.


distance to the workplace is a major concern, with many turning down opportunities far from home due to high transportation costs relative to low salaries.


of interviewees are affected by discrimination based on nationality affects, leading to feelings of rejection and denial of their right to work.


of the interviewees have experience with remote work.

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