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Students from our primary school

The Refugee Education Program enrolls Syrian children at the primary school level, bringing them through a specially designed program to help them catch up on numeracy, literacy, and life skills that are necessary to successfully transition into Lebanese schools. This program operates at all three of Jusoor’s Centers and works with more than a thousand students each year.

A well rounded education is provided to children struggling to make up for the years of school they have missed. Psycho-social support is also provided to all our stakeholders including teachers and parents.


Jusoor’s Refugee Education Program follows an adapted Lebanese curriculum. Personal social and health education (PSHE) classes take place during circle time and include themes on rights of children, forgiveness, empathy and sharing, etc. Jusoor’s Syrian Identity program is a component of our core curriculum and focuses on the geographical, historical, and cultural heritage of Syria. Additionally, art, music and physical education classes are integrated into all the lessons so that students develop their fine and gross motor skills. A hallmark of Jusoor’s educational program also includes activities in mental math, STEM, and critical thinking.

All students sit for placement tests in math and Arabic, and the Jusoor team decides accordingly on the level of each child. There are 4 main levels (ECD, beginners, Level 1, and level 2). Upon completing each level, students either move on to the next level or join a Lebanese school. All students are tracked academically and psycho-socially.


Jusoor adheres to INEE minimum standards and actively participates in Education in Emergencies working groups at the country level.

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