May 13, 2022

Spreadly Spreading Nut-Based Happiness

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Maha Mrad and her team observed how the financial crisis in Lebanon affected the prices and availability of many products in the Lebanese markets. They came up with an innovative idea to recreate some of the nut-based spreads that consumers love in a healthier version by taking out harmful preservatives and ingredients. Each Spreadly product is made only of two to three natural ingredients, free of preservatives, dairy, and sweetened with honey offering six flavors with three different sizes each.

The knowledge we gained gave us more confidence and showed us that we can continue our journey with confident steps.

Spreadly’s journey at Jusoor Agriculture Accelerator was exciting and informative. Maha and her team received the mentorship they were looking for. They benefited greatly from the training sessions and especially during the 1:1 mentorship, where they shared their concerns and expectations with their mentors and learned how to channel their business in the right direction.

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