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Program Update
May 25, 2023

Our Career Mentorship First Cohort Ceremony. Mentoring Sparks Triumph!

A moment of celebration arises when dedicated efforts, commitment, and effective mentoring come together!
Photo from the Zoom celebration of our Career Development project

On Saturday, 20th of May 2023, the Career Mentorship project held its graduation ceremony, celebrating the accomplishments of over fifteen mentees who have been actively preparing for the industry and for their job search process. The ceremony not only marked an important milestone in their career path but also highlighted the transformative power of mentorship in shaping their future careers.

"The expert panel during the group sessions was the most valuable part for me because what they said can't be found on Google even if you spent hours searching. It is their personal experience, I loved that at a certain stage of their lives, they were just like us. they wanted to become something, and they did. they are very inspiring and motivational." Rama Habra - Mentee in the field of therapy

Over the course of two months, the Career Mentorship project provided mentees with the opportunity to be matched with experienced mentors who specialized in their respective fields of study. These mentors played a big role in guiding the mentees along their career paths, offering invaluable knowledge, insights, and support.

Throughout the project, mentees explored various crucial topics essential for career development. They received guidance on designing their own career paths, enabling them to envision their professional trajectories with clarity and purpose. The mentors helped the mentees in crafting the four fundamental elements of job applications: the resume, LinkedIn profile, portfolio, and a concise one-minute pitch. These crucial materials were fine-tuned to effectively showcase the mentees' skills, experiences, and unique value propositions.

Furthermore, the project covered key aspects of professional communication, both written and verbal. Mentees were provided with practical insights and tips on crafting professional emails that leave a lasting impression. They honed their skills in behavioral and technical interviews. Additionally, mentees gained a foundational understanding of networking, learning how to leverage professional connections and build relationships within their industries.

During the ceremony, every mentee got the chance to reflect on their own personal and professional growth throughout their mentorship experience. They shared stories of overcoming challenges, picking up new skills, and obtaining a deep understanding of their intended career paths. Mentors simultaneously showed their genuine excitement at seeing how their mentees developed and how much satisfaction they had from assisting them to succeed.

The project had a primary emphasis on providing mentees with the essential resources and cultivating the right mindset to excel in their job search. By integrating mentorship, group sessions, and written materials, mentees were empowered to confidently navigate the challenging landscape of the job market. They were equipped with the necessary tools and knowledge to effectively showcase their skills and experiences, stand out among competitors, and secure employment opportunities that align with their career goals.

"This program had a huge impact on me, on my professional and personal sides. I learned a lot from it, I learned from my mentees how to be even more committed and how to be more and more passionate about my field and my professional growth." - Nancy Karout - Mentor in the field of therapy

The Career Mentorship project is a valuable resource for mentees who are looking to advance their careers. By providing mentees with access to experienced mentors, the project helps them to develop the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in the job.

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