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Program Update
February 15, 2022

Jusoor's Scholarship Advisory Board

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We are thrilled to share the creation of the Scholarship Advisory Board which includes Jusoor Board Members, Jusoor’s Executive Director, Scholarship Program Manager, Scholar and Alumni Engagement Coordinator, a current scholar, and an alumini.

By establishing the board, we hope to receive effective feedback on the scholarship program by hearing your input. As representatives for the Jusoor scholarship program, the Scholarship Advisory Board will take part in creating engaging activities, and include you, our scholars and alumni community, in shaping and improving the overall strategy and tactics.

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Meet the Alumni Representative - Zeina Abdulsamad

Zeina Abdulsamad is one of the earliest Jusoor scholars who received a scholarship back in 2012. She was living in Homs, Syria, when the conflict started. As the situation deteriorated, Ziena started exploring her options to continue her studies abroad, and was eventually awarded a scholarship to study in the Illinois Institute of Technology. Graduating with a degree in information technology, Zeina started her career path as an intern in international companies. Today, she is a senior frontend engineer at Goldman Sachs, New York, and taking part in creating a worldwide impact.

Zeina is very excited to be representing Jusoor’s alumni community in the Scholarship Advisory Board. She feels that she learned a lot from her experience as a student, and can anticipate the challenges that could arise during university, or at the time of building a career. Zeina is looking forward to creating a bridge between the experience of Jusoor’s alumni and the new scholars.

As I grew up, I always found myself searching for success stories from women in the Middle East. We rarely get to listen to such stories and learn from them. Today, as I look back on my journey as well as other Jusoor scholars, I feel an immense amount of pride when I see these women in decision-making positions, working with multinational companies, and creating a tangible difference. The growth I witness in this community is mesmerizing.
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Meet the Scholars Representative: Hayat Mansour

Hayat is a Jusoor scholar studying at the Lebanese International University. She was awarded a Jusoor scholarship in 2016, and excelling in her studies so far. Hayat is very passionate about participating in international associations and using her knowledge, both as a pharmacy student and an aspiring leader, to make a difference in the local and international community. She is serving as the noncommunicable diseases manager with the Eastern Mediterranean Regional Office where she supervises and initiates awareness campaigns.

Hayat is thrilled by the opportunity to serve as the scholars representative on the Scholarship Advisory Board. She believes it will pave the way for exchanging advice, suggestions, and mentorship. In addition, Hayat is looking forward to taking part in organizing engagement events to meet and learn about Jusoor scholars and alumni.        

I participated in Jusoor’s Mentorship Program and it felt so good to give back. It is very rewarding to be able to guide other students since I know the challenges they will face. Jusoor's Scholarship Advisory Board is a wonderful opportunity to share my experience with new scholars and connect with the inspirational alumni of Jusoor.
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