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Program Update
November 4, 2021

Jusoor Scholarship Annual Meeting: A New Beginning

Jusoor Scholarship Annual Meeting

On October 8th, we hosted the first Jusoor Scholarship Annual Meeting where we provided a space for our scholars, alumni, board members and trustees to connect and exchange ideas.

The Jusoor Scholarship Annual Meeting works on bringing together and supporting our alumni and scholars. This event is the starting point of a series of steps we are taking to establish stronger relationships between our stakeholders. It is an opportunity for scholars and alumni to stay in contact and continue to learn from each other even after they have finished their academic journey with Jusoor. Moreover, it is a platform for scholars and alumni to voice their opinions and suggestions.

During the event, we welcomed seven new scholars who are pursuing different levels of education, from International Baccalaureate Diplomas to Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees at universities in the United Kingdom, Canada, India, and the United States. Our inspiring new scholars learned about the early history of Jusoor and the impact of the scholarship program through the stories of our board members and trustees, where they shared their memories of how the organization started, and their hopes of the future.

We also celebrated 18 graduates including two high school scholars from institutions in six countries (Canada, Qatar, Lebanon, Jordan, India, Switzerland). Our graduates successfully completed their degrees in different fields such as psychology, history, biology, and conflict management. We were deeply inspired by the academic achievements of our graduates who shared their journeys with our scholars, board members, and trustees in several breakout rooms.

Over 50 participants, between Jusoor’s board members, trustees, scholars and alumni, initiated insightful discussions in breakout rooms about our scholarship program and how we can better support our community. Our scholars and alumni also shared their hopes and future plans of how they want to support Syria, which was clearly demonstrated by the majority of them already taking part in international and local organizations supporting Syrians and refugees in their communities.

We are very excited to have you (Alumni) with us as you finish one chapter with Jusoor. You are not ending the journey, you are starting a new one by being part of our alumni network, and we can’t wait to have you all as a part of it.
Safouh Tak

As one of the leading organizations in supporting Syrian students, we are keen on learning how to better support our alumni in every aspect of their academic and professional journeys. We believe that maintaining a strong connection between our scholars, alumni, board members, trustees and staff creates a sense of pride and belonging that empowers our students everywhere. We also believe that expanding Jusoor’s network paves the way for exchanging ideas, sharing job opportunities, and creates a space for providing mentorship and guidance to our new scholars.

We look forward to our upcoming annual meetings, where we will keep on sharing, listening, and learning from the wonderful success stories of Jusoor’s students and alumni.

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