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Program Update
December 15, 2023

Introducing Tech Opportunities for Syrian Youth “TalPods-Jusoor Tech Talent Pipeline”

A unique opportunity for junior engineers to transition to senior positions within a relatively short timeframe while gaining invaluable hands-on experience in the tech world.
Jusoor and TalPods’ Tech Talent Pipeline accelerates the transition from junior to senior engineer for Syrians

Jusoor was founded with the mission of maximizing the potential of Syrian children and youth, and the determination to serve as a bridge for such potential through education and entrepreneurship. Our dedication to responding to the evolving needs of Syrian youth has motivated the creation of our Career Development Program, which is launching several new pathways in 2023 to empower youth and shape their promising futures. 

Today, the tech industry is experiencing an unprecedented demand for software engineers. However, this is met with a growing tech skill gap due to rapid technological advancements. A Forbes report predicts this gap could reach 85.2 million skilled workers worldwide by 2030. Meanwhile, transitioning from junior to senior software engineering roles typically takes 5-6 years, with greater demand for mid/senior engineers, leaving entry-level positions less available  

In parallel, however, many talented Syrian job seekers, including budding software engineers and full-stack developers, often encounter inequitable employment policies in host countries. While several upskilling initiatives have emerged over the years, the vast majority lack a clear pathway to full-time employment. Hence, there's an urgent need for a training program that not only imparts hard skills but also prepares junior engineers with mid-level full-stack development coaching that leads to real, full-time employment benefiting both engineers and companies seeking specific talent. 

The first is our dynamic partnership with TalPods, a leader in software engineering and talent development based in the UAE. Together, we're initiating a groundbreaking project "Tech Talent Pipeline," which brings employers seeking skilled software engineers the best of Syrian talent through an intensive boot camp followed by a unique paid apprenticeship pipelining to employment. Jusoor will select qualified Syrian engineers who are eager to learn and grow and cover the costs of their involvement in the TalPods program and on-the-job coaching by a senior engineer at the tech company, and in doing so expand concrete employment opportunities for aspiring talent. 

Who are TalPods?

TalPods is a leading force in the Middle East's burgeoning tech industry, dedicated to empowering the upcoming generation of youth and addressing the expanding talent gap for high-caliber software engineers. Rooted in a strong social impact mission, TalPods is committed to uplifting the lives of these individuals. Specifically, TalPods’s intervention is designed to help talented young engineers fast-track their access to in-demand mid-level or senior engineering roles, typically requiring 5 to 6 years of industry experience. Learn about one of TalPods' success stories, a Syrian refugee Mahmoud who is featured in the Wamda article, “The baker who learned to code”.
What is the “Tech Talent Pipeline”?

The "Tech Talent Pipeline” is an exciting new partnership formed between Jusoor and TalPods, aimed at identifying and developing a pipeline for Syrian software engineering talents to meaningful employment and career growth. In this initiative, talented young Syrian engineers are matched with top lead engineers to work together remotely on projects from fast-growing tech companies and fast-track young talent to mid-level Engineers, which is the most in-demand band of tech talent. 

For Syrian Engineers

What to Expect 

By joining "Tech Talent Pipeline" engineers can look forward to

  1. Accelerated Career Growth

Fast-track your careers from junior full-stack engineers to mid-level engineers.

  1. Competency Enhancement

Significantly improve your technical and soft skills through comprehensive training, mentorship, and real-world experience.

  1. High Demand

Become highly sought-after in the job market as mid-level engineers, increasing employability and job prospects.

  1. Competitive Salary

Earn a salary from day one of the apprenticeship, with the potential for substantial increases upon completing the apprenticeship.

  1. Hands-on Experience

Gain practical, hands-on experience by working on real-world projects and learning directly from experienced senior engineers.

  1. Access to Remote Job Opportunities

Secure remote mid-senior job opportunities, offering flexibility and the chance to work on a global scale.

The "Tech Talent Pipeline " project spans approximately 18 months, with slight variations according to the individual’s qualifications and employer matching. It comprises multiple phases, including intensive coding and soft skills training. Then, successful participants will be placed in an apprenticeship.

  • 3 months - Bootcamp Phase: full-time Intensive online three-month training phase encompasses crucial programming tools (React, Redux, Git, Node.js, DynamicBD, and AWS) and follows an Agile, SCRUM/XP, or similar collaborative model, as well as soft skills training covering key professional skills (design thinking, business communication, conflict resolution,  feedback reception, networking proficiency), and personal development (personal finance and mental health) that are crucial to workplace success
  • 12 months - Apprenticeship Phase: A remote 12-month full-time real-world at a well-known tech company, including daily one-on-one mentoring sessions with a dedicated mentor involving pair programming and code reviews. Regular guidance from an Agile Coach to track competency development and periodic feedback and evaluations from all parties (mentor, career coach, team lead, and engineering manager).

Who Can Apply?

This project is primarily aimed at Syrian individuals based in Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey, and Iraq. We invite Syrian candidates with degrees, certifications, or strong self-taught proficiency in Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Software Engineering, Information Technology, and Telecommunication Engineering to apply.  To be eligible, candidates should have:

Technical Skills:

  • Completed a degree/diploma/training in computer science or similar field.
  • Proficiency in data structures and algorithms.
  • Familiarity with the principles of operating systems and computer networks.
  • Experience with programming fundamentals and object-oriented programming using languages like C, C++, Java, Python, or similar.
  • Familiarity with code editors, web browsers, and basic command-line tools

Additional Requirements:

  • Intermediate English language skills.
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Strong problem-solving, numerical reasoning, and critical thinking skills.
  • A positive outlook, a growth mindset, and a passion for a career in software engineering.
  • (Optional) 0-3 years of work experience in a related field for career switchers.

Ideal candidates should be hardworking, consistent, and eager to learn, while also possessing ambition, resilience, and adaptability to face challenges in order to thrive in the fast-paced tech industry. We value candidates who are passionate about software engineering, willing to collaborate and support their peers, and open to receiving and acting upon feedback. If you embody these qualities, we encourage you to apply and be part of our mission to empower Syrian youth in the tech sector.

Join Us on this Journey! Apply Now

Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey from junior to TechStars?

Apply now to supercharge your career growth and join the ranks of the most in-demand software engineers.

For Employers

If you're an employer seeking to hire software engineers, this is also for you! 

What Can Employers Expect to Gain?

  • Sponsorship Support: significant financial sponsorship is provided through Jusoor's collaboration, covering 75% of the talent's salary and TalPods’ specialized training and apprenticeship program for up to a year.
  • Day 1 Productivity: TalPods pairs apprentices with experienced mentors, ensuring Mid-Senior Level productivity from the first day, with daily coaching, pair programming, and code reviews.
  • Tailor-Made Talent: The 'TalPods-Jusoor Tech Talent Pipeline' selects Syrian talent based on exceptional intelligence, software engineering competency, and accelerated growth in technical and soft skills. Within a year, talent becomes a self-sufficient Mid-Level Engineer tailored for your production environment.
  • Silicon Valley Engineering Standards: Instilling Extreme Programming standards like BDD, TDD, and CI/CD ensures the highest standards of software engineering among handpicked candidates.
  • Positive Change Agents: By participating, companies contribute to a broader social cause, transforming lives and fostering an inclusive and diverse work environment.

Which companies can apply?

Your company is eligible to apply for the talent and support package if:

  • You are already a revenue-generating business.
  • You have been in operation for at least 1 year.
  • You have a core tech team already in place.

Join “Tech Talent Pipeline”,  Empowering your businesses while transforming lives

Sponsorships are awarded for a limited number of placements only.

Apply now to secure your Sponsored engineer and redeem 75% cost coverage.

For more information check 'TalPods-Jusoor Tech Talent Pipeline',

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