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Program Update
January 29, 2024

Accredited Certifications for MENA region Startups now with Jusoor’s Entrepreneurship Incubators

After two years of auditing and development our Entrepreneurship Incubator is now EOCCS certified by EFMD Global.
Our online incubator for Startups is now an EOCCS-certified educational program accredited by EFMD Global

Under Jusoor’s Entrepreneurship Program, and after almost two years of hard work, our online incubator for StartUps is now an accredited educational program by the European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD Global) under its Online Course Certification System (EOCCS).

The accreditation of our online incubator program means that the beneficiaries of our upcoming Entrepreneurship projects will receive an accredited certification, opening avenues for them for partnerships, investment as well as valuable accelerated business education.

EFMD Global accredits business schools around the world and their EOCCS Online Course Certification System, which Jusoor’s program is accredited under, also accredits online courses at Barcelona School of Management, ESSCA School of Management, Amsterdam School of International Business, and other institutions.

Jusoor has a unique case with EFMD Global as it is the first NGO and non-university based running a business incubation program to be accredited by the organization.

Keith Pond, EOCCS Director, commented, “Warm congratulations to Jusoor for obtaining EOCCS certification! The course’s societal impact, practical focus, dedicated team, and robust ecosystem are commendable, embodying the spirit of positive change and empowerment. We look forward to seeing Jusoor’s positive impact and invaluable support for the next generation of business leaders.”

The Incubator Program

Jusoor’s incubator is run as a component within other projects such as the Startup Road Show and the Small Business Accelerator. The topics covered include market analysis, financial management, pitching & storytelling, marketing, legal introduction, scalability and growth, and other topics that Start-Ups and small businesses need to scale their businesses . The program utilizes a Learning Management System (LMS) through which beneficiaries can log in, find all their course materials, recordings of past sessions, and their course calendar as well as a space for them to ask questions to the mentors and trainers and discuss various topics with their peers. 

“As a non-governmental organization dedicated to delivering top-notch entrepreneurship education, we take pride in our collaboration with EOCCS and being the first organization of its kind with an incubation program to pursue this kind of accreditation. The accreditation from EOCCS empowers us to offer incubation programs while upholding the highest standards of quality and excellence. This highlights our commitment to delivering online incubation programs of global quality standards, specifically tailored for entrepreneurs in the MENA region,” commented Ziena Abu-Dalbouh, Head of Entrepreneurship, Jusoor.

The Certification Process

In an effort to always share our learning processes with others, here is how we achieved this accreditation:

  • Extensive Research: Our Entrepreneurship team researched and reached out to more than 12 institutions that accredit programs. EFMD Global was chosen both for its prestigious reputation and because they were interested to venture into uncharted territories and explore accrediting an NGO running a business incubation program..
  • First Course Review: The first audit took place in 2022, with a committee of selected deans and higher education experts from France, India, Tunisia, and Portugal. They met with Jusoor’s top management, Entrepreneurship team, mentors from previous incubator cohorts, and beneficiaries to gather feedback and fully understand the course and approach. They identified strengths and weaknesses and gave feedback and recommendations for improvement - which we implemented throughout 2023.
  • Second Course Review: The second audit occurred towards the end of 2023 after we introduced the Learning Management System and formalized our processes, documentation, and evaluation of the program.
  • Certification: After the second course review, Jusoor’s incubator was certified for the upcoming three years.

About Jusoor’s Entrepreneurship Program

Jusoor supports startups and small businesses by leveraging our extensive network of seasoned entrepreneurs and facilitating access to various realms of business assistance. Whether through overcoming legal hurdles, scaling up operations, or securing funding, we've been fostering success since 2014. Our approach involves providing entrepreneurs with world-class networking opportunities, conducting top-notch workshops, and connecting them with dynamic investors. Jusoor's entrepreneurship program is dedicated to aiding entrepreneurs in achieving financial stability, expanding their enterprises through its accredited incubators, and fostering women's empowerment in business leadership skills.

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