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Headshot of Mahmoud Tahan
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Jusoor Team

Mahmoud Al Tahan

Head of Communications

Mahmoud Tahan is an experienced designer, digital marketer, and content creator with ~10 years of experience enhancing the profile and mission of human rights organizations, educational institutions, and private sector businesses. As a behavioral marketer, Mahmoud is a strategic developer of digital content, branding, web development, and UI/UX design, with expertise in tailoring content to the needs of international and local audiences. He has also served as Media Director for global conferences, exhibitions, and integrated ad campaigns, including for Harvard Arab Alumni Association and UNICEF. Currently, Mahmoud serves as Head of Communications at Jusoor, working closely with program leads and the fundraising department to promote the impact of their education and entrepreneurship globally. He holds a Teaching Diploma and a Bachelor's in Art and Graphic Design from the American University of Science and Technology.

For media and press inquiries, you can reach out to Mahmoud at