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Headshot of Imane Maalouf
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Jusoor Team

Imane Maalouf

Marketing Operations Coordinator

As a marketing enthusiast, I hold a master's degree in Multichannel Marketing from MIP Politecnico di Milano. My passion for marketing is combined with a rich experience in various domains such as paid search, paid social, email marketing, marketing automation, revenue management, pricing analysis, and customer data analysis, all of which shape the foundation of my professional journey. Fluent in four languages (Arabic, English, French, and Italian), I seamlessly contribute a global perspective to every project, facilitating communication and collaboration.

Currently positioned as the Marketing Operations Coordinator at Jusoor, I skillfully navigate through diverse marketing functions. From steering digital tools, implementing automations, and enhancing SEO, to managing technical aspects of email marketing and website optimization.

Beyond the realm of work, I find solace in practices such as yoga and meditation, harmonizing my personal and professional growth.