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Headshot of Ali Al Ayash
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Jusoor Team

Ali Al Ayash

Communications Junior Coordinator & Gender Focal Point

Ali Al Ayash is a research assistant and fieldworker from Lebanon with 4 years’ experience working on academic and humanitarian projects to advance gender equality and positive masculinities in conflict and post-conflict zones through scientific research, capacity building, awareness-raising, and advocacy. Specifically, Ali is involved in supporting sexual and gender minorities as well as vulnerable populations in the Arab world, through culturally-appropriate, context-sensitive and pragmatically-designed interventions in the Middle East. He has worked for Search for Common Ground, Seefar, and UNDP-Dawaer, and holds multiple leadership roles in diverse spheres of his community. Ali holds a Bachelor of Arts in International Affairs from the American University of Science and Technology (AUST).

Articles Written / Contributed