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Jusoor-Coursera Scholarship

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About the Scholarship

Jusoor has established a partnership with Coursera to offer Syrians fee-waived certified Coursera courses, through which learners will not only gain additional skills and knowledge but also gain certification that can be added to CVs and Linkedin. 

Coursera is a leading platform for online learning partnering with leading universities and companies to offer flexible, affordable, accredited, and job-relevant online courses and certifications. From Google Data and Analytics to MIT courses - you can study anything from interior design to video editing to technical and grant writing or even robotics. Coursera courses can enrich your CV and LinkedIn page through accredited courses that will bring you closer to your dream job.

Eligibility Criteria

Be a Syrian national or Syrian - Palestinian

Selection Criteria

Funds Coverage

The Jusoor-Coursera Scholarship allows participants to gain certificates without cost.

How to Apply

Fill out this application.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will I be informed if I’m awarded the waiver?

You will be informed by the 5th of the next month. Unfortunately, due to high demand, we only review applications on the 30th of every month.

Does this waiver include any financial reimbursement?

No, this award is a waiver for the certificate fee making the course free. Hence, Jusoor will not reimburse you for any project-related costs, travel or internet fees… etc.

What does this fee waiver include?

This includes a waiver for your course material and certificate fees only.

Are Coursera courses accredited? 

Some coursera courses are accredited by universities and employers. Please check carefully the course and degree you wish to apply for and research its accreditation in your field. 

I have already paid for my certificate, will Jusoor reimburse me?

No, Jusoor will not reimburse you for any certificates you purchased previously. However, you are welcome to apply to new certificates.

What if I forgot I signed up for a course and decided to return later?

Unfortunately, if you don’t log in after 8 weeks, we will cancel your fee-waived online course. You will have to submit a new application when you decide to return.

After I complete my course, can I apply again for a different course?

You are allowed to pursue one course at a time. Students who wish to apply to more than one course must complete the first one first. Once you verify the completion of your current course, please send your certificate to to be considered for a new course.

What if I don’t want to complete this or I find it too boring and would like to take a different one?

Feel free to unenroll from the current course. But you will have to apply for the fee-waived online course again. We receive a lot of applications from students who would like to take more courses so we would like to ensure that all students are utilizing this opportunity properly. 

What happens after I complete my course?

Congratulations! Feel free to join your certificate on your social media as well as add it to your CV/resume and LinkedIn page. Many students expressed the value of a Coursera course and indicated finding better job opportunities after they have taken online courses.


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15 March 2023
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