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High School Scholarship
Aug 2023

Tala Jabr Khodre

I might not be the most gorgeous, the cleverest, or the richest girl you will ever see, but I'm certain that I'm one of the most ambitious people you could ever meet. Regardless of my age, I always seek knowledge and set my goals ahead of me. During my family's difficult circumstances from my father's far work to my mother’s cancer, I was able to get a score of 309 out of 310 in 9th grade! I also volunteered with several organizations like JCI Tartus and Peace To Nature in several fields like coaching youths, saving the environment, and coding. For hobbies, I like playing Badminton and doing quilling art paintings. Post-UWC, I aim to study and explore the medical field because I deeply feel it's where I belong.
Academic Institution
United World Colleges UWC Pearson
Field of Study
International Baccalaureate Diploma

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Tala Jabr Khodre
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