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Bachelor's Degree
Aug 2023

Shaimaa Doumani

Shaimaa Doumani is from Damascus, Syria, and has been awarded the IIE Odyssey Scholarship by the Institute of International Education in 2023. She has been residing in Lebanon since 2012 due to the conflict. Having settled in Lebanon, Shaimaa began her studies in a Lebanese public school during the 5th grade of the baccalaureate. The decision was driven by the more affordable nature of these schools. However, during her school years, Shaimaa encountered a circumstance that compelled her to discontinue her education in the eighth grade of 2016. Following a three-year pause, she realized the importance of education as a powerful tool in a woman's life and decided to resume her studies. Her ambition is to gain admission to a renowned university known for its excellence in higher education. This will enable her to pursue her passion for disciplines such as Medical Laboratory Sciences. Shaimaa also envisions a future where she owns her own business. This goal holds significant importance to her as she believes it will empower her to provide charitable aid. One of her primary objectives is to dedicate a day each week to providing free clinical support for underprivileged individuals. Additionally, she plans to contribute to charitable organizations that support students, as she recognizes the importance of assisting others in their educational endeavors.
Academic Institution
Beirut Arab University
Field of Study
Medical Lab & Technology

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Shaimaa Doumani
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