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Aug 2023

Sami Marouf

My name is Sami Marouf. I am a four-time national robotics Olympiad Gold medalist and a national Silver medalist. I have made history at the World Robot Olympiad by representing Syria four times and ranking 1st, 6th, 11th, and 15th globally, achieving my country's first-ever Gold medal in any International Olympiad. Furthermore, since A-Levels are not taught anywhere in Syria, I self-studied them, got A\*s, and became the first and only student in Syria’s history to ever do A-Level Further Mathematics and achieve a grade of A or A\*. As someone who spent most of his time building and programming robots for robotics Olympiads and competitions, I dream of using the in-depth knowledge and experience that I will gain by studying Electrical and Electronic Engineering at Imperial to revolutionize the automotive industry.
Academic Institution
Imperial College London
United Kingdom
Field of Study
Electrical and Electronic Engineering

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Sami Marouf
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