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Master's Degree
Aug 2022

Samar Moussa

Samar Moussa is an enthusiastic curious learner. She studied Informatics Engineering at Tishreen University in Syria with a specialization in Software Engineering and Information Systems and afterward, she continued to pursue a master's degree in Modelling for Science and Engineering with a specialization in Data Science at UAB (Universitat Autonoma De Barcelona) as a Jusoor-UAB scholar for the year 2022-2023. After her graduation from Tishreen University, she worked for 3 years at []( as a remote IT support specialist and she was responsible for the insurance department as well. She believes in the importance of volunteer work and giving back to the community as she has more than two and a half years as a media member at Electronics Go initiative which aims to assist young Syrian/Arabian Engineers to learn from a trusted Arabian resource from 2020 and until now. In addition, she volunteered for 8 months in Paper Airplanes initiative after being a student there as the admission and enrollment coordinator for the Youth Exchange Program in 2021. Samar believes in the importance of technology and merging it with education, especially for young ages, and this was sparked through her volunteering as a tech mentor in Teens for AI initiative in October 2021 as well.
Academic Institution
Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
Field of Study
Modeling for Science and Engineering

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Samar Moussa
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