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Master's Degree
Aug 2022

Mhd Omar Altenbkji

Omar Tenbkji from Damascus-Syria, currently pursuing a master’s degree in Development Studies at the University of Sussex and the Institute of Development Studies in the UK. Last year, I completed a Graduate Certificate in Humanitarian Leadership provided by Deakin University and the Center for Humanitarian Leadership-Australia, and I hold a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Greenwich. Since 2012 when I moved to Turkey, I started working in the humanitarian and development sector delivering multi-sectoral services for the most vulnerable communities. During this period, I had the opportunity to work for a couple of international and national organizations in several leadership capacities. Lastly, since 2021 I have been working as CEO of POINT organization leading the organization's operations in Turkey, Syria, and Iraq.
Academic Institution
University of Sussex
United Kingdom
Field of Study
Development Studies

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Mhd Omar Altenbkji
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