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Master's Degree
Aug 2023

Marah Ramadan

An Artificial Intelligence Engineer, driven by a passion for data science and biology. Graduated from Damascus University with a Bachelor's in Computer Science. I have previously interned as a Software Engineer at MTN Group, and then worked as a Data Scientist, which broadened my horizons. In addition, I explored the realm of art as a freelance Graphic Designer. Volunteering at "Shokran Canada" ignited a profound calling to support Syrian refugees in their integration journey. As the chapters turned, I set sail for new horizons in 2023, venturing to Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Spain., to attain a Master's in Bioinformatics—a journey to blend my passion for data, AI, and biology into a harmonious symphony. The trinity of Philosophy, Science, and Religion has carved me into the person I am— My soul yearns to contribute to my homeland's resurgence, wielding AI's magical wand at the forefront of medicine in Syria, and designing extraordinary technologies that will cure its healthcare woes.
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Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona
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Marah Ramadan
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