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Master's Degree
Aug 2023

Mahmoud Kannas

I am Mahmoud Kannas, a Paediatrician, 36 years old, from Syria, and previously lived in Turkey. I studied medicine at the University of Aleppo, Syria, and specialized in pediatrics at the same university. After I graduated, I volunteered with SARC for many years till 2015. Then during the next years, I moved between many NGOs and various positions. I have worked as a Team leader and Project management positions. Currently, I am working as a program consultant for an NGO. I received the Jusoor-Chevening Scholarship. Birmingham course helps me to obtain the required academic knowledge, that I need to reconstruct the ravaged health system in Syria efficiently. Living in the UK helps to hone my skills, expand my academic knowledge, and explore the UK's historical places, including libraries and museums. My professional goal is to establish an epidemiology center to support and guide the medical projects of the Syrian Ministry of Health and that of international organizations.
Academic Institution
University of Birmingham
United Kingdom
Field of Study
Microbiology and Infection

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Mahmoud Kannas
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