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Master's Degree
Aug 2022

Lina Othman

I received the Chevening-Jusoor scholarship in 2022 to pursue an MSc in Maritime Policy and Shipping Management at Cardiff University. I hold a BA in English Literature from Tartus University. My professional background includes having 8 years of experience in the maritime industry, as well as being a freelance translator and content writer for numerous organizations and companies. I volunteered for three years with Junior Chamber International - JCI Tartus, where I held several positions and was awarded numerous awards such as Best Public Speaker in Africa and the Middle East. I am passionate about community work and development in general and advocating gender equality, equity, and justice in particular. My aspirations include empowering women in the maritime industry and having a positive and lasting impact on the world.
Academic Institution
Cardiff University
United Kingdom
Field of Study
Maritime Policy

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Lina Othman
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