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Master's Degree
Aug 2023

Joodi Mourhli

In an aim to tailor my academic pursuits to the service of humanity, I dedicated my undergraduate studies to the science and art of Nursing at the American University of Beirut. Four years later, as I pledged myself to the Florence Nightingale Nurses Oath at graduation, I reflected on every volunteering role I have pursued to overcome an imperfection in the healthcare sector. From spending Saturdays at student-led clinics to assisting renowned researchers during winter breaks, I have relentlessly sought to provide patient-centered care and ensure equitable access to health services in times of crisis. As a healthcare provider, I learned to view public health threats from a unique angle that focuses on empowering patients by advocating for health literacy instead of merely managing their symptoms by providing treatments. As such, I have chosen to supplement my undergraduate degree with an MPhil in Population Health Sciences at the University of Cambridge. Through this step, I aspire to establish a career in culturally sensitive public health research to guide evidence-based practices and inspire health programs aimed at primary medical interventions.
Academic Institution
University of Cambridge
United Kingdom
Field of Study
Population Health Sciences

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Joodi Mourhli
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