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Bachelor's Degree
Aug 2023

Anna Maria Azar

Living with ADHD, I was fascinated by how our brains shape our experiences and interactions with the world, as I was constantly trying to understand how my mental experience differed from others. By starting a mental health initiative, I was empowered to help young people in Syria overcome generational trauma in their families and learn to take care of their mental well-being. However, after working on a social EdTech startup in Jusoor’s Startup Roadshow hackathon in 2023, I realized that technology could be leveraged to make a tangible impact within the field of Psychology. Therefore, I felt inspired to explore the Cognitive Science program offered jointly by the Faculty of Arts and Science at McGill University, where I seek to expand my understanding of how artificial intelligence parallels the human mind and learn how to leverage this knowledge to facilitate the educational process, particularly for individuals facing unique physical and mental challenges.
Academic Institution
McGill University
Field of Study
Arts & Science (Cognitive Sciences)

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Anna Maria Azar
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