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Bachelor's Degree
Aug 2023

Ammar Hlewa

My Bachelor's journey started with Biomedical Engineering degree at the Lebanese International University (LIU). Previously, I studied middle school and high school at Azhar al-Bekaa School, and I got high marks in the official final exams. I registered at the Lebanese University, specializing in biomedical engineering, and passed the entrance exam. As a student, I volunteered in MAPS in the year 2018, after I had taken a course in Android programming. I volunteered to serve students who wanted to learn from the available courses. As a biomedical engineer, I plan to help a person who lost his hand or leg and help my country, Syria, improve the health field, which suffers from many problems; either in terms of treating people or in terms of providing the necessary medical equipment. I aim to be proud of myself and my family, who have never neglected me and have always supported me in my academic career.
Academic Institution
Lebanese International University
Field of Study
Biomedical Engineering

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Ammar Hlewa
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