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Primary school students sitting in class

Over the past decade, Jusoor has educated 11,631 Syrian children and host-community youth across our three education centers and the four schools we support in Lebanon. Without our intervention, the majority of these children would not have been able to continue their education and may well have started manual labor or other forms of work, been married as minors, become victims of sexual or drug trafficking, been recruited into extremist groups, or engaged in other negative coping mechanisms.

In 2021, Saghbine School was on the brink of closure, and Jusoor was strategically positioned to support it. With funding, teacher training, and a new monitoring and evaluation system to track students’ progress, the school is now thriving and expanding to support 271 students this year from KG1 to Grade 8. Despite significant challenges in the past two years brought on by the economic collapse in Lebanon, Saghbine School’s teachers are dedicated to instilling a love of learning in the children, giving them the best possible chance for the future. For many Syrian children who face numerous challenges accessing the public education system in Lebanon, the only option to continue education and receive qualifications is to go to a low-cost private school such as Saghbine. While most low-cost private schools in vulnerable communities were formally subsidized by the government, unfortunately, Saghbine School is no longer supported as they do not have enough Lebanese students attending. With an increasing number of both Syrian and Lebanese communities unable to cover their basic necessities, many families cannot afford the fees of $510 USD per year for their children's education. Without education, the aforementioned negative coping mechanisms will likely be adopted by even more children.

Saghbine’s Story

Saghbine School, located in West Bekaa, Lebanon, has been a remarkable educational institution since 1959 that has been playing a vital role in providing education to all students in Lebanon, with a growing student cohort of Syrian refugee children since 2016. In the midst of Lebanon's severe economic crisis, this school has been standing as a beacon of hope; they now require funds from charitable families and communities to stay afloat. The school is a central component of community life, essential both for student education and welfare and acting as a wider public good.

Notably, Saghbine School is the only school offering English as a language of instruction in the area. This provides a unique advantage to the students, as English proficiency can greatly enhance their future prospects. By offering bilingual education in English and Arabic, the school ensures that students receive a well-rounded education while also preserving their cultural and linguistic heritage.

The school caters to 271 students (46% female and 54% male), the majority of whom (99%) are Syrian refugees of all educational levels, from KG1 to Grade 8. Supported by 14 experienced teachers, it follows the official Lebanese curriculum, preparing students with the necessary knowledge and skills to pursue higher education and gain accreditation. The school has capacity to receive even more students each year and to continuously provide for even higher grade levels. Saghbine School's mission goes beyond academic success. The school strives to create an inclusive and supportive environment for all students, fostering their personal growth and development. By promoting intercultural understanding and tolerance, the school plays a crucial role in building bridges between different communities and fostering a sense of unity among its students.

Our Students

Most students are facing toxic stress from residing in makeshift shelters or overcrowded informal settlements and enduring harsh living conditions. The trauma of displacement and loss, the ongoing stress of poverty and social marginalization, and considerable uncertainty surrounding their future cause stress that is often expressed in certain behavioral and learning difficulties. Most of their parents received a limited education and struggle to meet their basic needs. Despite these immense hardships, these resilient individuals display a remarkable determination to seek education, recognizing its transformative power and the hope it offers for a brighter future.

Pie chart showing the distribution of sex and nationality among Jusoor's students
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Our Impact

Since we started supporting Saghbine in 2021, we have expanded to incorporate a new 8th grade and kindergarten class. We have also been able to conduct a series of teacher training sessions, including: Positive Communication; Visual, Auditory, Reading, and Kinesthetic (VARK) teaching methods; Engaging Classroom Activities; and Lesson Preparation. We have prioritized the psychosocial wellbeing of the students at the school, with students, teachers, and parents benefiting from support from our counselor. All the students also have a weekly lesson using a unique gamified learning program donated by Thaki, a charity that empowers refugee children through electronic tools. The program allows children to play games with psychosocial and life skills’ learning outcomes, such as expressing feelings in a healthy way.

The teachers have already noticed significant behavioral changes in the children, including improved writing skills in older children, punctuality, concentration, discipline, and personal hygiene. Meanwhile, Suha Tutunji, our Head of Refugee Education, has also observed significant changes in teaching behavior, including: more child centered and engaging activities, better interaction with parents, and an effective follow-up system.

271 students

90% of students showed improvement in at least one subject

11% Is the average percentage of student improvement across all topics between terms 1 & 2

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