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Early Childhood Education

In an early childhood education class

Early childhood development is essential for helping young children who have experienced trauma and toxic stress due to the conflict in Syria. Scientific evidence shows the critical importance of 0-5 years learning and development, and its consequences for their behavior and success as adults. In Lebanon, many children aged 6 and above face significant learning difficulties due to the lack of pre-school education and the impact of conflict.Jusoor introduced an early childhood education program – Seeds of Light – designed by renowned early childhood development and mental health specialist Dr Alexandra Chen. The ECE program provides refugee children aged 3 -5 years in Lebanon with pre-school education and psychosocial support to prepare them for formal schooling and give them the best academic start in life.

"If we only have 6 months to educate a child, what and how can we teach in order to equip them with fundamental skills and the love of learning?”
Alexandra Chen


Our curriculum teaches subjects in the most practical and relevant manner to help each child better navigate society in case he/she drops out of school. Our program teaches learning through play in response to research demonstrating the importance and benefit of play for all aspects of development. It prioritizes teaching self-discipline and civic values to encourage positive behaviors both in class and at home. And it teaches the students body ownership from a young age and the importance of consent to ensure the children’s safety and ability to protect themselves.

The program is currently available in our three main centers, Jurahiya, Jeb Jennine, and Beirut Center in Lebanon.

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