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Jusoor 100 Syrian women award winners in a community gathering

Jusoor’s flagship scholarship program, the 100 Syrian Women program provides scholarships to Syrian women to study at the undergraduate and graduate levels in the UK, Europe, and North America. We select outstanding women who have demonstrated exemplary social service, academic excellence, civic responsibility, and who have the potential to serve as global leaders.

Empowering women at this point of the conflict in Syria is one of the most important challenges today. These women will grow to become leaders and contribute to stabilizing the region. We identified institutional gaps in recruiting students, access to information, and co-funding the partial scholarships offered by higher academic institutions, which this initiative seeks to remedy through partnering with donors and universities and recruiting through Jusoor’s extensive network.

The needs-based scholarship is open to both undergraduate and graduate students. In addition to funding, our 100 Syrian women scholars benefit from career development and leadership workshops, as well as a network of mentors.

Impact and Results

Upon graduation, alumni from the 100 Syrian Women Program either find employment or pursue further education. For example;

  • One alumnus received a full scholarship from her alma mater to pursue a Juris Doctorate, three alumni are pursuing PhDs
  • Three graduates have returned to Syria to work ( in their professions of architecture, pharmacy, and international development)
  • Many current scholars hold teaching assistant and other work-study positions on their campus during their studies
  • The majority of current scholars volunteer within their host communities or via international organisations giving back to Syria remotely

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