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Transparency and Accountability

Accountability to our supporters

Our supporters, donors, and partners are critical to our success. In recent years we have been able to deliver real change on a bigger scale than ever before, but only because of the generosity of our supporters. Without you, we simply wouldn't be able to help Syrian children and youth strive for a brighter tomorrow. That’s why we’re committed to being fully transparent and accountable to you and sharing information with you that is tailored to your interests.

We will regularly share stories from our beneficiaries about the impact your support for Jusoors work has enabled, and we will strive for honesty with any challenges we face.

We want to be always fully transparent with our supporters. We invite you to read our annual reports to find more about Jusoor's work.

Read more about our work and compare us to other organizations on Guidestar and Charity Navigator.

Transparency about how we use your donations

  • We spend donations so they have the most impact on our beneficiaries.
  • We value every gift, large and small, and we will always put your gift to work as quickly as we can.
  • We make every effort to put as much of your donation as possible directly into programs; in 2019, 90% of your donations went to program services, 9% to administration, and just 1% towards fundraising.
  • To read more about how we use your donations, and review our audited financial statements, please refer to our annual reports.

Respect for your privacy and your generosity

  • We will not make cold telephone calls to members of the general public.
  • We will never sell your data.
  • We love to recognize our donors in our communications, please do let us know if you would prefer not to be named.
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  • You can read more on our privacy policy here.

We love to hear your feedback If you have a comment, question, or complaint, you can contact us via email at

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