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April 25, 2024

WATR: Addressing Water Scarcity in Jordan

Jordanian youth tackle water scarcity through seamless delivery
WATR team & Jusoor on stage celebrating 1st win and holding the prize.

Many Jordanian households struggle with a constant worry: water scarcity. With only 90 cubic meters of water available per person annually, well below the international scarcity threshold, Jordanians have to find alternative solutions beyond the limited government-supplied water. This led to an emergence of an unregulated, and often inefficient, water market of well owners and truckers; with consistent complaints from consumers of price fluctuations and late deliveries. This is where WATR, the brainchild of three young entrepreneurs was born from the co-founders’ own personal struggles with water.

WATR’s innovative smartphone app connects customers with water tanker drivers, ensuring timely service and transparent pricing. This win-win solution benefits both parties: customers enjoy features like location tracking and convenient payments, while tanker owners gain access to a reliable client base. 

Co-founders Bashar Hulail, Abd Al-Rahman Fraij and Majdi Yasen, founded WATR (Water Assurance & Transportation Water) first as an online platform before evolving into a user-friendly mobile app that seamlessly connects water tanker drivers with customers. "WATR's app empowers customers to request the nearest tanker for prompt delivery, while tanker owners can build a loyal client base and grow their business," explained Abd Al-Rahman Fraij.

Startup Roadshow 4: A Game Changer 

Like any startup, WATR needed more than just a great idea; mentorship, seed funding, and expert coaching were crucial for its success. Through Startup Roadshow 4, WATR found comprehensive package of support from legal to accounting to business model development to branding  and pitching to investors.  

Out of 108 Jordanian startups participating in the different activities of Startup Roadshow 4, including an intensive bootcamp and online incubator, WATR won first place in the Demo Day in Jordan, receiving $7,000 in seed funding.

“The entire journey of the Startup Roadshow holds an enduring significance for us,” said Bashar Hulail. “While winning seed funding was appreciated, it wasn’t our primary motivation. At this stage, our focus lies on quality and skill development, confident that profitability will naturally ensue.”

WATR hopes to expand its services one day to all countries that face water shortages and are in need of a tech solution to organize the water market.

“I would encourage any entrepreneur to simply start. Once you start, you’ll find support,” Bashar Hulail says. “There are incubators, mentors and others who can help guide your way. You just need to start. Don’t let it be just an idea.”

Startup Roadshow 4 is implemented by Jusoor and funded under the STEP program funded by SPARK, The Islamic Development Bank, and the Abdul Aziz Al Ghurair Refugee Education Fund.

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