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Program Update
June 21, 2023

Under the Patronage of Her Royal Highness Princess Sumaya bint El Hassan, Jusoor’s Startup Roadshow 4 Concludes in Amman

After fierce competition, three startups in Jordan claim their top place amongst 77 other startups.
Group photo of the winners of the Startup Roadshow 4 in Amman

Deputizing for Her Royal Highness Princess Sumaya bint El Hassan, His Excellency Mr. Ahmad Hanandeh, Minister of Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship, attended Jusoor’s-in partnership with SPARK-Demo Day in Amman as a finale of their fourth and biggest Startup Roadshow to date.

Ten startup finalists pitched their ideas to a judging committee, investors, and regional business incubators and accelerators and competed for seed fund prizes; three young aspiring entrepreneurs and startups from Jordan and Syria won top positions.

Audience during Jusoor's Startup Roadshow 4 Demo Day in Amman

The Demo Day that took place on June 20 in Amman also welcomed more than 90 audience members from startups, investors, regional business incubators, and representatives of accelerators and industry experts from the private and public sectors.

The event started with the Jordanian National Anthem, followed by opening speeches from Ziena Abu-Dalbouh, Jusoor’s Head of Entrepreneurship; ​Dr. Alexandra Chen, Jusoor’s Trustee and Interim Executive Director, and a speech from His Excellency Mr. Ahmad Hanandeh who also delivered the regards of Her Royal Highness Princess Sumaya, speaking on the importance of entrepreneurship for the development of the country and leaving an impact on a global scale.

“During periods of crisis, champions are forged, and amidst challenges, entrepreneurs rise” said His Excellency Mr. Ahmad Hanandeh.
His Excellency, Mr. Ahmad Hanandeh, giving his keynote speech during the Startup Roadshow Demo Day

The Startup Roadshow 4 Journey

In its fourth iteration, Jusoor’s Startup Roadshow 4, co-funded by SPARK, the Islamic Development Bank, and Abdul Aziz Al Ghurair Foundation, kicked off in late 2022 with a series of in-person hackathons in Jordan and Lebanon with a focus on the cities of Irbid, Amman, Tripoli, and Beirut. The hackathons brought together more than 263 Syrian, Jordanian, Palestinian, and Lebanese youth entrepreneurs to learn, network, and receive valuable training and mentorship in starting and growing their own businesses, developing their products and applications, financial modeling and forecasting, sales and digital marketing, as legal registration and presenting to investors.

After the hackathons, the top 85 teams from both countries were selected to participate in the incubation phase of the program, offering them mentoring and advanced training, a critical bridge for many youths, especially in marginalized communities, to step out as entrepreneurs for the first time. They also had the opportunity to connect with potential investors and partners. Throughout this journey, participants received more than 670 hours of comprehensive training sessions, including technology tools and mentoring. 

On June 20th, 2023, the top 10 teams pitched their businesses to a panel of judges, and the top three teams were awarded cash prizes. The first-place team received $7,000, the second-place team received $5,000, and the third-place team received $3,000.

Ziena Abu-Dalbouh during Jusoor's Startup Roadshow 4 Demo Day in Amman

“Today, we conclude the fourth chapter of our ongoing journey with the launch of the World Refugee Week 2023, and we are pleased to award the participating startups that represent the determination and strength of entrepreneurs around the world.” Ziena Abu-Dalbouh, Head of Entrepreneurship

A group with all top 10 teams and the winners of the Startup Roadshow 4, Amman

Congratulations to the winning teams, Watr (first place), Tadwer (second place), and File in Tab (third place), for their extraordinary efforts and dedication to their businesses, going the extra mile towards success. And to all teams who reached this milestone, congratulations on the hard work, accelerated growth, and development they have shown throughout this journey.

About the winners:

In the first place, founded by Mohammed Hulayyel, WATR is an innovative online platform that addresses the issue of mismanagement in water delivery by connecting water tanker drivers with customers in a seamless manner. With the help of our smart application, customers can conveniently request the nearest water tanker, ensuring timely and efficient delivery. Simultaneously, tanker owners can find regular clients through the app, enhancing their business opportunities. The platform offers advanced features such as tank location tracking, estimated time of arrival to the customer's location, transparent pricing, and convenient payment options. WATR aims to streamline the process of water tanker services, providing a reliable and user-friendly solution for both customers and tanker owners, ultimately improving the overall efficiency and effectiveness of water delivery operations.

In the second place, founded by Ali Sheikh-Orabi, Tadweer is a leading waste management company specializing in the collection and recycling of diverse waste materials, including organics and recyclables. Our user-friendly mobile application, "Tadweer," allows individuals and establishments to conveniently request waste recycling services and schedule pickups. Through efficient sorting and assessment processes, we ensure proper handling and preparation of the waste for recycling.To encourage active participation, users earn points through the Tadweer app, which can be redeemed for a variety of services and products offered in collaboration with partner organizations. By incentivizing users, we aim to foster a culture of environmental responsibility and promote widespread engagement in recycling efforts.Collected and sorted waste is then sent to specialized recycling factories, where it is transformed into valuable resources like energy or fertilizers. With our sustainable approach, Tadweer is driving waste reduction and supporting the development of a circular economy in Jordan. Together, we can create a cleaner and greener future for our communities.

In the third place, founded by Nadine Entabi, File in Tab is a startup revolutionizing the management of newborns' medical history records. Our digital solution provides an efficient way to archive and track a child's medical records. With our user-friendly application, parents can easily access and store their child's information securely and conveniently. By simplifying the process, we aim to empower parents in providing better care for their newborns. Our platform allows for seamless uploading and retrieval of medical records on any device, ensuring accessibility at any time. With File in Tab, parents can have peace of mind knowing that their child's medical history is organized and readily available whenever needed.

Alexandra Chen during Jusoor's Startup Roadshow 4 Demo Day in Amman

“The world of entrepreneurship is one of the most hopeful and exciting spaces of working with youth, where everyone involved must hold both great courage and great faith.” Dr. Alexandra Chen, Jusoor Trustee, Interim Executive Director.

The Startup Roadshow 4 was a success in empowering entrepreneurs from Syria, Jordan, Palestine, and Lebanon to transform their ideas into reality. A special thank you to our esteemed judges and panelists, Mohammed Mouwiah, Senior Regional Program Officer at SPARK, Abdulrahman AlJiffry, Partner at 500 Global, Luma Fawaz, CEO of Oasis500, and Mojahed Akil, CEO of Joan App, who gave us key insights during the panel on ‘Venture Finance Post Incubation. We are also grateful for our long-standing partnership with SPARK, which is enabling us to bring ideas to life since 2018.

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