Organization Update
March 8, 2021

Our Commitment to Bridge the Gap of Gender Representation


Jusoor is proud to be celebrating International Women's Day!

Here’s to all our inspirational Syrian women; scholars, teachers, entrepreneurs, change-makers, volunteers, partners, board members, and team working diligently to make the world a brighter place full of opportunities and equal rights for women.

Female representation across Jusoor;

  • 64% of our Team are Women and (69% of Management)
  • 57% of our Board of Directors are Women
  • 49% of the Children in our Education Program are Girls
  • 47% of our Scholars are Women
  • 33% of the Business we Support are Co-founded by Women

At Jusoor, we know in which aspect we should work. We want to bridge the gap further across our members as well as our beneficiaries, by investing in all of the young female children, scholars, entrepreneurs, teachers, and team members, to give them the chance to be heard and grow.

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