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Program Update
November 4, 2021

One New School, Thousands of New Opportunities


Since 2013, Jusoor’s Refugee Education Program in Lebanon has helped thousands of displaced Syrian children continue their education outside of Syria. Our three centers in Beirut, Jurahiya, and Jeb Jenin attract hundreds of Syrian refugee children every year. With a holistic primary school education and a strong psychosocial support system, Jusoor’s Refugee Education Program constantly aims towards building a strong academic foundation for Syria’s future leaders, using nouvelle curriculums, trained teachers and staff, and safe facilities.

A Big Announcement

With the utmost generosity and support of our donors, Laila Munif and Amr Salahieh, we are beyond excited to announce the opening of Jusoor’s first licensed school located in Saghbine, West Bekaa, Lebanon, just in time with the return of our in-person classes. This new facility complements Jusoor’s mission in providing education for hundreds of Syrian refugees, and vulnerable Lebanese children. Today, we have more than 300 students registered in our new school who are ready to take on their new scholastic journey.

What Makes It Special

We are delighted to announce that this new educational center is Jusoor’s first licensed school.Starting at KG3, Jusoor’s students can now complete their primary, middle and high school education, all in one place. With Subghien’s new center, Jusoor's high school graduates can now take the Lebanese Baccalaureate examinations at their respective time and place without having to change schools in advance. This new school will provide the children with an uninterrupted educational experience, which will help them navigate their academic paths with no concerns regarding school, official certificates, or qualifications.

Our Team Makes It Happen

For almost a decade, our team at the Refugee Education Program has shown incredible dedication to Jusoor’s mission in creating a better future for Syrian refugees children. As we are keen on maintaining the highest standards across our educational centers, we believe that Jusoor’s human capital is our treasure. We are devoted to shaping and improving the skills, knowledge, and experience possessed by our staff as they plant the seeds of inspiration in the minds of our students.

Workshops for Teachers and Principles

Our teachers are at the very core of our education centers. Today, Jusoor’s team of teachers and staff are well-prepared and ready to welcome our new students with their proven experience in many topics such as classroom management, social & emotional learning for refugees, techniques for teaching Arabic to illiterate students, and activity-based learning. In addition to keeping up with the latest findings on evidence-based supervision to ensure our students are receiving the level of attention they deserve.

This opportunity will pave the way for Syrian Children to pursue higher education, apply for local and international universities, and start creating their own narrative. We cannot wait to see the new opportunities that will be unlocked for Syria’s children in Lebanon.

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