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September 10, 2022

Malaak Academic Center: Championing Inclusive Education for Displaced Syrian Children

Fostering Hope and Empowerment for Displaced Syrian Children through Jusoor and Malaak Center's Collaborative Efforts in Inclusive Education
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In the face of the Syrian refugee crisis, countless children have been stripped of their homes, families, and educational opportunities. It is within this challenging context that dedicated organizations and individuals have come together to make a meaningful difference. Jusoor has forged an impactful partnership with Malaak Center to deliver transformative education to Syrian refugees seeking refuge in Lebanon.

Empowering a New Generation Through Education

Malaak Academic Center is a beacon of hope for over 300 students, focusing on eradicating illiteracy and nurturing self-sufficiency through education. Located in Akkar, where more than 30% of Syrian refugee children reside, the center provides crucial transportation services for students who are unable to reach public schools independently. Moreover, Malaak Center is in the process of launching a women's community program aimed at addressing critical topics such as family planning, mental health, and personal development.

Jusoor's Unwavering Support: Financial Aid and Expertise

To ensure the Malaak Center's continued success, Jusoor extends periodic financial support and offers guidance through monthly visits. These visits allow Jusoor representatives to monitor progress, provide assistance, and share valuable advice with the school community. Recognizing the unique challenges faced by educators, Jusoor's Refugee Education Program holds regular sessions that address essential educational topics, such as Continuous Assessment and Differentiated Learning, based on the needs expressed by instructors.

Bridging the Gap: Equal Access to Quality Education

Jusoor-Malaak's collaborative efforts are focused on closing the gap between the limitless potential of young Syrians and their access to quality education. With a diverse student body of 386 Syrian children, over half of whom are female, the partnership emphasizes inclusivity and equal opportunity. Jusoor's dedicated staff performs continuous observations and works closely with Malaak Center's teachers to improve their knowledge and teaching skills. Furthermore, Jusoor designs and facilitates tailored workshops for the school's academic staff, empowering them to excel in their roles.

Coordinator leading a workshop for teachers at school
Suha Tutunji leading a workshop for teachers

A Brighter Future: Commitment to Change

As we celebrate our partnership with Malaak Academic Center, we remain deeply committed to empowering Syrian children through education. The center's unwavering dedication to creating a supportive and nurturing environment for its students, coupled with its focus on human capital development, is truly inspiring. We stand alongside organizations like MEC, determined to bring hope, education, and opportunity to Syrian refugees – one child at a time.

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