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Program Update
May 13, 2022

Mahsoul Connecting the Agri-Industry

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Bilal Al Qaisi has always had a passion for agriculture. Following his belief that there is much room for improvement in the traditional marketing aspect of agriculture, Bilal came up with the idea of automating the trading process between farmers and retailers. His idea revolves around presenting a mobile application that would guarantee the highest earnings for the farmer, and at the same time, give the retailers a smooth trading process. Bilal believes that his unique app will revolutionize the way both farmers and traders perform their business. Mahsoul also provides a delivery service as well as a 24-hour window of trading. The application is the first in Jordan to work on the computerization of the purchase and sale of crops by connecting the retailer with the farmer directly through an app. On participating in Jusoor Agriculture Accelerator, Bilal shared that the three months of training equipped him with great knowledge. “The accelerator didn’t just award us with the prize money, it gave us a great push to continue working on our project.” The mentors provided Bilal with the tools he should use to scale his business, analyze its performance, and guarantee success. Five years from now, the first-place winner hopes to expand across Jordan, and reach the surrounding countries in the Arab region.

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