Program Update
April 17, 2024

Launching ‘Disruptors’ to Nurture High-Potential Tech Startups

Jusoor’s latest entrepreneurship program project is specifically tailored for high-potential tech startups.
Launching ‘The Disruptors’

Jusoor's ‘Disruptors’ project is specifically tailored for high-potential tech startups, aiming to expedite their path to becoming investable startups. This project aims to address the current market challenge of identifying investable ventures effectively by providing comprehensive support and resources. The offerings include a startup bootcamp, incubation programs with group training sessions, personalized consultations with industry experts, extensive networking opportunities, seed money prizes, and an EOCCS program-accredited certification to affirm their market readiness and appeal.

The Disruptors project, taking place in Jordan and Türkiye, unfolds through several hybrid phases, starting with in-person bootcamps. Selected startups participate in a three-day intensive bootcamp in their city, focusing on business validation and networking. This leads into the online incubation phase, where startups are nurtured on scalability, financial management, legal affairs, and effective networking, supported by weekly training, one-on-one expert sessions, and design development services. A distinctive feature is the 'Meet the CEO' sessions, offering direct insights from successful leaders and entrepreneurs.

The journey culminates in an in-person Demo Day and networking event, where top startups pitch to a panel of judges, investors, and accelerators, competing for a total of $22,000 seed money prizes split among the top three performers, incentivizing excellence and innovation.

The project’s curriculum is extensive, covering market analysis, digital marketing, sales strategies, and financial management. It also delves into team roles, organizational management, product management, setting and achieving organizational goals, scalability, customer validation, pitching and storytelling, legal aspects of startups, and fundraising strategies. This comprehensive training ensures that startups are well-prepared to navigate the complex business landscape and succeed in attracting investment and scaling their operations.

Learn more about eligibility, criteria, offerings and apply here.
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