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December 5, 2021

Jusoor Bridges Award 2021

Laila Munif and Amr Salahieh, Bridges Award 2021 Trophy Visual

We deeply value the generosity and compassion that we see every day from our supporters. All of our projects and big plans are possible because of an incredible group of people who are taking part in changing the narrative for the Syrian generation. At Jusoor, we want to provide a platform recognizing passionate people driving positive change. Throughout the years, they have demonstrated the utmost courage and respect towards all humanity. In 2021, with Jusoor’s Bridges Award, we celebrated a couple who transformed thousands of Syrian lives.

The Bridges Award is an award that is given to an individual who is working to transform and build a better world around them. They are a source of inspiration and compassion, an agent of change who demonstrates the utmost courage and respect towards all humanity. Our recipients have made a tangible impact on the lives of the Syrian people in Syria or in the diaspora; and, in their work, have contributed to Jusoor’s values and mission.

The 2021 Bridges Award was presented to Mr. Amr Salahieh, and Mrs. Laila Munif. The inspiring couple have gone above and beyond to support Syria's next generation, not only with providing scholarships and sponsoring scholars, but also with their incredible investment as they are currently providing formal education to 300 additional Syrian refugees and vulnerable Lebanese children.

On behalf of every life you changed, thank you for everything you have done to empower Syria's next generation.

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